"We've created b:njud

because we had to do something.

If we don’t change the world together with you - someone else will"


about us

b:njud is art to wear

We are more than just a fashion label, as our t-shirts are more than just apparel – it’s a movement. We are more than an art gallery, instead of museum walls, our artworks adorn the world.

Art meets Fashion X Awareness

Encouraged by current global challenges, creative minds (illustrators, painters, graphic designers, photographers and everything in between) are our designers.

Independent artists creating for independent minds, rebels, activists, free-thinkers, do-gooders and world-changers…like you.

Draw attention, make a statement and show what you stand for and inspire the change.


That’s what we call #awearnessart

Get your b:njud t-shirt, an art piece with a purpose and a good story to tell.

Although in today's fashion industry it should be a matter of course, we are happy to say it again:

We only offer fairly-produced organic and sustainable clothing.


To learn more about it and why sustainability as well as transparency matters, please spend some time on our site and continue reading…