Christian Schuhmacher



Today is a gift, that’s why it's called present - live in the now

What do we have to know about you?

My name is Christian, I'm living in Berlin since almost 9 years and my passion for painting goes until back in the old good days of my childhood. I love the nature. I love to read, listen to music, analog photography and to be surrounded by deep souls as much as I love to be in the nature. All that has a strong impact on my personality and also to the creative process I go through almost every day.
I'm an easy-going person who likes the thrill in a moment but as well I do appreciate a calm time to ground myself and feel who I am.


Tell us more about your created artwork…

The topic is global warming, so I was thinking about how I can picture that huge topic in an easy understanding way for others. After many, many examples and ideas I came to the decision to paint a face which shows a feeling of being not really happy/healthy caused by the big changings in terms of weather and environment. Like we know the problematic and know we should do something but doesn't have the energy to actually do something. To that interpretation of the actual picture I added the words "hjumen mizery" which just puts an exclamation mark on top to pronounce the situation of global warming. The colors yellow and black stand for me for a high contrast, the one color bright and welcoming for example life, spring and nature; the other one for coldness, death and things we might not like to face.


Your favorite color is…

My opinion is that every color has something beautiful and can have a total different face when it comes with another color on a certain contrast. The effect makes it so mystical. A certain color solely can be sometimes pretty boring but combined with a contrast it changes a lot.

Though, I do like very much the color yellow.



Your inspiration comes from…

I get inspired by almost everything what crosses my way. It could be music, a good conversation, meeting people on the streets, an inspiring book or just an article in the newspaper. I think it's a statement for every artist from any field - all of us get in life impressions of anything in the daily stuff we are doing or seeing. It can be everything and nothing.



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