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Are you ready for wearable artworks? You are looking for something creative but also with a message?


Now you have chance to snag various climate neutral, vegan, organic oversized unisex t-shirts.


Each b:nujd t-shirt is an unique and collectible piece, signed by the artist.

We are sincere & honest and make this clear in our eye-catching b:njud label. You want to know how the end price of your new favorite piece is made up? No problem, we demonstrate what amount was invested where and how… 10% goes to the artist with further 10% we support a related social project.

b:the change

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Face it: Human activities have warmed our planet. The impacts of global warming are being felt across the globe: environmental, economic, and health consequences are likely to occur if current trends continue. This t-shirt is not for climate change deniers, but for healing the planet starters. Make the world smile again!

Designed by: Christian Schumacher

We donate 10% of the total revenue to: Dycle (Germany)



b:as you are

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Behind every strong woman is a successful sisterhood. It is okay to be proud of yourself: love your body, notice your beauty and spread love around the world.  This unisex t-shirt is not only for the ladies. Self-love and empowerment has no gender.

Designed by: Iza Bułeczka

We donate 10% of the total revenue to: Women's Rights Center Foundation in Warsaw (Poland)




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Honey bees are essential for human existence:  80% of the pollination of the fruits, vegetables and seed crops is accomplished by these little hard-working creatures. Isn’t that a reason enough to concern for disappearing bee colonies around the world? This t-shirt is not only for Winnie the Pooh and other honey lovers, but also for all ecosystem protectors.


Designed by: Jen Barger

We donate 10% of the total revenue to: CHBR - Center for honey bee research in Asheville, NC (USA)


b:not a steak

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Factory farms are not only awful for the animals that are bred into existence for the sole purpose of being slaughtered, they are also bad for the environment and human health. This t-shirt is not only for vegetarians or vegans but also for all animal rights promoters and carbon footprint reducers.

Designed by: Juli Jah

We donate 10% of the total revenue to: AUM Films & Media in Santa Rosa, CA (USA)


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”Normal is something usual or ordinary and what people expect”, they say. Normal is b:yourself, we say. Be who and what you are. Be as you want to be and live your life the way you want. For this unisex, oversized, black and white t-shirt no statement is needed - make your own statement about your individuality.

Designed by: b:njud

We donate 10% of the total revenue to: LSVD - Lesben- und Schwulenverband in Deutschland (LSVD) in Berlin (Germany)

b:in natura

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When the heart stops beating, restore the heartbeat and keep the blood flowing through the body’s veins… same happens to our environment - protecting and restoring our natural world is a matter close to our heart. This oversized t-shirt fits perfect for all people with a big heart.


Designed by: Lidia Beleninova

We donate 10% of the total revenue to: Association for Organic Farming Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany)