Iza Bułeczka

I want to breathe beauty into everyday things

b:as you are – b:Iza

I'm a Polish artist and illustrator living in Berlin. I picked up a pencil as a kid and haven’t let it go since. My intention is to make art useful and present in the lives of ordinary people.

When I'm not drawing or creating, you can find me whipping up delicious desserts, jogging, or reading fiction and news reports.



What is your vision?

I want to breathe beauty into everyday things. Through illustrations that show sensual, free, and strong characters, I want to boost women's confidence. I believe that t-shirts can be symbol of strength.


You are inspired by…

I feel inspired by pretty much everything. Let's say I accumulate the feelings connected to music, books, paintings and life only to deal with it later at the studio.


Your statement “Perfect as you are” means…

My mission is to empower women through my drawings, help them love their bodies, notice their beauty and spread the love and sisterhood message around the world.   


What is your favorite color?



What Social Project you would like to support with 10%? 

Centrum Praw Kobiet 


We would love to see more of your women empowerment artworks:

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