Jen Barger

I like to see the world through slightly spooky,

definitely adorable, and always colorful tinted glasses

What should we know about you?

I was born in Texas, but quickly realized that Texas was too hot, so I made my way up to Minnesota. There, I attended the University of Minnesota and received my Bachelor of Arts Degree. However, Minnesota was definitely too cold, so after graduation I packed up and moved around to Miami, Amsterdam, San Francisco & New York to attend the Miami Ad School. There, I honed my illustration, design and art direction skills and learned to live in more moderate climates.

After spending 11+ years working as an art director in advertising agencies, I followed my passion to illustration and now happily work in Berlin for a variety of clients while drinking very strong coffee and definitely not complaining about the weather.


What inspires you? 

Cute things, monster things, spooky things and kid things.


Your favorite color is…

They’re all the best; except orange.


Tell us more about your designed t-shirt!

We need to save the bees. They are disappearing at an alarming rate, and their decline has large negative consequences for not only the bees – who I’m sure would prefer personally not to disappear - but also for our planet as a whole. With this artwork I’m hoping to raise money to fund research and concrete action plans to help the bee populations now, as well as for keeping them safe in the future.

And why did you choose this statement?

I chose the particular statement “Bitch Don’t Kill My Hive” for several reasons.

Bees & their beehives go hand in hand.


Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe” is a well-known & memorable song.


Combining those 2 seemed like a no-brainer! The resulting “Bitch Don’t Kill My Hive” is a funny statement juxtaposed on an adorable scene that people will pay attention to and remember, and the call to action within it is incredibly clear. These cute bees want you to stop killing their hive!


What organization you will support?

Center for Honeybee Research


Queen bee, show us more of your recent works:


How can we contact you?

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