Juli Jah

Do what I do as it’s what I do best;

and in the end what I’m doing is what I am

Who are you?

An observer and explorer of my very own strange, inner worlds.


Who or what inspires you?

Nature, wilderness, music, experiences. Basically everything and everyone I meet on my way makes a certain influence on me / my work.


And you like…

Natural, pastel colors.


Why did you choose the statement “Just give me a break, I’m not a steak! Join the movement“ for your artwork?


I have many reasons. Mainly because I think that intensive animal farming and killing animals for meat is not ethical. And it’s obvious, that animal agriculture makes a huge damage for our planet.


10% donation goes to…

A.U.M. Films for producing high-impact media projects focusing on peace and compassion for all beings. 


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How can we join you?

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