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One of b:njud’s mission is to donate 10% of the sales proceeds to charitable organizations. Each of these has a specific mission that it is devoted to and strives to make a difference on our planet.  Together with our talented artists we are honored to support the amazing work of:

AUM Films is an established media organization founded by Kip Andersen to develop films and other media projects promoting sustainability, compassion, and peace for all of Earth's inhabitants. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is its first production.


Women's Rights Center Foundation is the oldest non-governmental organization in Poland working to counteract violence against women: helping women, whose laws were breached. CPK offers psychological help, assisting the client during the court trial and police meetings, shelter, 24-hour helpline, social help, supports groups and career advice. CPK helps women to improve their situation, regain sense of safety and faith in own capabilities.

The Lesbian and Gay Association Berlin-Brandenburg (Lesben- und Schwulenverband Berlin-Brandenburg) is a local LGBTI rights association combining political lobbying with social services to support and empower the LGBTI community. Our projects include a counseling center and meeting point for rainbow families, sex and gender education at schools, a shelter for LGBTI people affected by forced marriage, psycho-social counseling for LGBTI migrants and refugees as well as free legal advice on migration and family law.


The Center for Honeybee Research is a grassroots, educational, research organization founded to collect objective data in an open-sourced, non-proprietary platform for the benefit of researchers, beekeepers, and policy makers — to ensure the survival of the honeybee.

FÖL (Fördergemeinschaft Ökologischer Landbau Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.) is a non-profit funding association for organic farming in Berlin-Brandenburg. It is the central point of contact in the metropolitan region for consumer information, public relations and market development relating to the subject of "organic". At the same time, the association acts as an active representation of interests for producers, processors and traders and is the social network of the local organic movement.


DYCLE is short for Diaper Cycle and is a zero waste diapering solution that creates Terra Preta soil substrate instead of waste. A compostable diaper inlay allows to recollect and bring back valuable nutrients into nature. The non-profit Zukunft Pflanzen e.V. promotes knowledge on how better top soil can help fighting climate change and securing food for the generations to come.


With your new wearable art piece you will not only look great, you will also feel great when you get the update about how you have helped to fund various programs that aim to improve our world.

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